Romanian Crown Custodian: Greater Union, war outcome obtained with suffering, personal, national sacrifice

The Romanian Crown Custodian Margareta sent on Tuesday a message for the holiday season, urging Romanians not to forget that "The Greater Union and the war outcome were obtained with great suffering, with personal sacrifice and with national sacrifice" . "The year 2019 has looked to the past and to the future.

PM Orban: We want best relation with the Royal House of Romania, coordinate our international actions

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban and the Custodian of the Romanian Crown, Margareta, agreed that the Royal House and the Government need to coordinate their international actions, to obtain thus "beneficial results to be capitalized on for Romania." "Obviously, we need to have a good relation between the Royal House and Her Majesty the Custodian of the Crown and the Romanian Government.

PM Orban, on VAT reduction: PNL only endorses drafts voted in party's Executive Bureau

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said the National Liberal Party (PNL) doesn't endorse the draft on the VAT reduction, currently in parliamentary debate, pointing out that the draft, even if initiated by a Liberal, wasn't supported in the party's Executive Bureau.

Crown Custodian on Red Cross Day: Without blood you cannot save lives; we need donors

War, natural disasters, epidemics, poverty, migration are crisis situations, the same as the lack of blood, because you cannot save lives without blood, said the Custodian of the Romanian Crown, Margareta, the President of the Romanian Red Cross, who made an appeal to people to donate blood. Her message was sent on the occasion of the 143rd anniversary of the Romanian Red Cross.

Crown Custodian Margareta: Very proud to receive award, values, principles, courage, dicussed

Romanian Crown Custodian, Margareta, was proud to receive the Award for the most influential personality in Romania at the Forbes Woman Gala held at Bragadiru Palace on Wednesday night. "I am very proud, because here we are talking about values, principles - and this is somewhat missing in today's society - and about courage, because I feel courage here in a sense of community.

Crown Custodian Margareta says she is proud to continue serving Red Cross principles

The Romanian Crown Custodian, Margareta, who is also the President of the Romanian Red Cross stated on Wednesday that she is proud to serve, alongside the thousands of volunteers within the Romanian Red Cross, the principles of this organization at its 142 years of activity.

Romanian Crown Custodian and Prince Radu visit AGERPRES;Crown Custodian Margareta: Fascinating!Work and history

The Romanian Crown Custodian, Margareta, expressed appreciation for "the work and history" of the AGERPRES National News Agency during a visit she paid together with Prince Radu on Tuesday at AGERPRES headquarters.

Former President Emil Constantinescu and AGERPRES Director Alexandru Giboi, welcomed at Elisabeta Palace

Former President of Romania Emil Constantinescu and AGERPRES Director General Alexandru Giboi were among the people welcomed by the Romanian Crown Custodian, Margareta, and Prince Radu, at the Elisabeta Palace this week, the Royal House informs.

Romania King's Death Threatens Royals' Right to Palace

Romania's royals may have to pack their bags and quit their official residence in Bucharest, Elisabeta Palace, by February 5, after the death of the country's last monarch, Michael I, in December.

Romania's royal family has used the palace located in northern Bucharest since 1997, when the former King was granted permission to return to the country.