Poll: ND continues to dominate voting intentions

The ruling New Democracy party maintains a sizable lead over PASOK and SYRIZA, according to a new opinion poll.

Estimated vote intention - after eliminating blank and invalid votes and declared no-shows - gives center-right New Democracy 36.5% of the vote, ahead of socialist PASOK (14.9%), left-wing SYRIZA (13.%), the Communist Party (8.7%) and far-right Greek Solution (8.0%).

House approves same-sex marriage bill

Greece's 300-member Parliament approved the bill granting same-sex couples equal rights in marriage in a roll call vote on Thursday night. The reform extends full parental rights to gay couples but will not allow for medically assisted reproduction through a surrogate.

The bill was voted on by 254 lawmakers, with 176 voting in favor and 76 against.

Law easing restrictions for Greeks voting from abroad passed

MPs have enacted a law easing the requirements for Greek citizens wishing to vote in Greek elections.

A total of 208 MPs - eight more than the constitutional requirement - from ruling New Democracy, PASOK-Movement for Change, Niki and Course of Freedom backed the bill, while lawmakers from the main opposition SYRIZA and the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) voted against it.