Olivier Hoslet

Thousands of dead...; "What do you want?! To defend themselves with water pistols?"

The Russian army advanced seven kilometers closer to Chasiv Yar near Bakhmut, as well as east of Avdeyevka and northwest of Maryinka, Moscow claims.
Four people were killed in a Russian strike on Kherson, as Russia carried out several attacks in eastern Ukraine over the previous day, Ukrainian local authorities said.

Children for Sale: Croatia’s Corrupted Institutions Have Blessed Illegal Adoptions

My source from the illegal adoption network was convinced that the arrested Croats would be released, and claimed that the organization that profits from 15,000 to 40,000 euros per child is too powerful and too well organized.

Trade in children done with public money

Tsipras and Macron exchange thoughts at Brussels summit

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (c) speaks Thursday with French President Emmanuel Macron at a European Council meeting in Brussels where talks were to focus on terrorism, illegal migration and economic growth. According to sources, Macron told Tsipras that he hoped to visit Greece soon and expressed satisfaction with last week's Eurogroup deal.