Bulgarian Youth - First in the EU in Severe Deprivation, Pregnancy and Obesity

Bulgaria is second in the EU at risk of poverty and social exclusion among young people and the first in the share of pregnant women in teenage age. It is also one of the countries with the most obese adolescents. Only in Slovakia there were fewer young people aged 18-24 at risk of depression.

Bulgarian Muslims Condemn Islamophobic Attacks

Bulgaria's Grand Mufti's Office called on the police on Friday to investigate an attack on its office in the capital, Sofia, as a "hate crime".

The windows of the building in central Sofia were smashed with stones by an unknown person on Thursday, three days after swastikas and other hate symbols were scratched onto a mosque in the central town of Karlovo on July 2.

Algerian Citizen Raped and Robbed a Girl in the Borisova Garden in Sofia

Algerian raped and robbed a 23-year-old girl in Sofia's largest park Borisova garden. The offense was committed on June 26, with the foreigner threatening his victim with broken glass from a bottle, informs NOVA.

An hour before the young woman was attacked, the Algerian tried to jump over another girl. The abuser is detained for 24 hours. It is expected that he will be charged.

The Justice Ministry Will Fight the Domestic Violence in Bulgaria with BGN 450,000

Money will be used to finance three priority targets to prevent domestic violence against both women and men.

The Ministry of Justice has allocated BGN 450,000 for programs to prevent domestic violence against both women and men in 2019. This was announced by Justice Minister Danail Kirilov.

Lack of political will

The threat is not important in itself. The supporters of terrorism are too few and too marginalized to be considered a serious public security threat.

However, state inertia and political support from an obscure center have given them the asymmetrical power that allows them not just to disrupt city life, but also - and most importantly - to threaten judicial officials.