Bulgaria: 28-year-old Abuser Beat his Girlfriend to Death in Omurtag

A 28-year-old man beat his girlfriend to death in Omurtag, with whom he lived on a family basis.

The crime was committed in the conditions of domestic violence in a particularly painful way for the victim and with particular cruelty, announced the prosecutor's office in Targovishte.

The case is from yesterday, and the victim is a 21-year-old woman.

Bulgaria: 40% Increase in Domestic Violence pre-trial proceedings compared to 2022

An avalanche of reports of domestic violence followed the news of the abuse of an 18-year-old girl in Stara Zagora, but court orders for permanent victim protection increased even earlier in the year.

This is what Zornitsa Shumanova, who heads the new unit for combating domestic violence at the National Police, told bTV:

Only 17 Provinces in Bulgaria have Shelter Centers for Women and Children who were Victims of Abuse

Only 17 out of 28 provinces in Bulgaria have shelter centers for women and children who have suffered domestic violence, Nova TV reported.

The way to escape from the abuser is not at all easy, says Martina, who was the subject of mental and physical abuse in front of her two children.

"If there is no one to help and show you, you might give up", she shared.

Bulgaria: The Term "Intimate Relationship" enters Legislation - Changes to the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence

With 144 votes "in favor", the Bulgarian parliament adopted the amendments to the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence in the first reading. With them, "intimate relationship" is equated to marital partnership and cohabitation without marriage, and victims receive the same opportunities for protection.

Bulgaria: The Legal Commission adopted Changes to the Criminal Code and in the Domestic Violence Act

At an extraordinary meeting, the legal commission in the Bulgarian parliament adopted changes to the Criminal Code and the Law on Domestic Violence. Penalties for minor and moderate bodily harm are increased, and intimate relationships are equated to cases of domestic violence along with de facto conjugal cohabitation.

Bulgaria: A Pregnant Woman Lost her Child after being Punched in the Stomach - 4 Women reported Domestic Violence after the Protests

A pregnant woman from Burgas lost her fetus after being hit in the stomach by her boyfriend. The case is from last week. The woman sought protection at the Center for the Prevention of Violence. From there, they report an escalation of cases of violence against pregnant women, with three in the last month in Burgas alone.