Aegean Sea

Sense of calm prevails in the Aegean

The improvement of relations between Greece and Turkey and the sharp decrease in tensions is not only at the diplomatic level but also, and almost in tandem, with the operational situation on the ground.

In addition to the opening of channels of communication, both sides have also reached an informal agreement to limit military exercises in the Aegean to the absolute minimum.

The laws of Mykonos

The exhortation of the archaeologist of the Ephorate of the Cyclades who was violently attacked in northern Athens is reasonable: "Get two riot police units and bring them to Mykonos.

Island put on sale for 220 million liras

The Rabbit Island, off the Türkbükü and Gündoğan regions of the Aegean province of Muğla's Bodrum district, has been put up for sale online for 220.2 million Turkish Liras ($11.8 million).

The sale advertisement of the island located 16 miles away from Bodrum was published on an online real estate platform with the title "Island for sale in the magnificent bay of Gündoğan."