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Egypt to try Morsi for giving Qatar security papers

Egypt’s deposed president Mohamed Morsi will be tried on charges of giving Qatar documents relating to national security, the state prosecutor said on Sept. 6.
The Islamist former head of state already faces the death penalty in several trials, and his supporters have been the target of a deadly crackdown by the authorities since his ouster in July 2013.

Ukrainian Rebels Give MH17 Black Boxes after UN Resolution

Pro-Russian rebels handed over the two black boxes of the Malaysian Airlines' Boeing 777, which crashed in eastern Ukraine on Thursday leaving all 298 on board dead.

Malaysian experts received the flight-data recorders containing information of the time and altitude of the plane when the incident happened and also the conversations in the cockpit.

Cup broadcasts: How Middle East misses an opportunity

The high pricing of the 2014 FIFA World Cup broadcasting rights by Qatari entities in the Middle East naturally creates a politically explosive situation in a football-crazy part of the world No matter how entrenched animosities in the Middle East may be, one principle is upheld by all: never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.