Wall of Sound | Athens | March 30

Wall of Sound, an electrifying techno music extravaganza, is the brainchild of DSV1, the stage name of American DJ and techno producer Zak Khutoretsky, a leading figure in the preservation of club culture. The lineup of the show at EON Athens (13 Emmanouil Pappa) features Surgeon (live), Dasha Rush, Akua and locals Cirkle, b2b and a.metz.

Celine Dion back making music, releasing five new songs

Pop diva Celine Dion announced the release of new music on April 13, her first since revealing last year that she was suffering from a rare neurological disorder that was affecting her singing.

The new album "Love Again" is the soundtrack for a film of the same name, and contains five new songs as well as past hits.

Bulgaria: A 2-Year-Old Boy Fell into a Two-Meter Manhole

A 2-year-old boy fell into a two-meter manhole in Stara Zagora. The child escaped with only bruises.

The incident that the boy's mother told about is not the first in the area. About a month ago, a small child fell again, after which safety pegs and safety tape were installed, but they disappeared, bTV recalls.