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Beating the Heat at Bulgarian Mud 'Spa'

If you're tiring of T-shirts and wide-brimmed hats to beat the summer heat, inspiration may be at hand from a Bulgarian summer tradition — rolling around in the mud, reports Saudi Gazette. 
Every summer thousands of locals and tourists flock to an improvised mud-and-lye "spa" on the edge of an open-air salt factory near the Black Sea city of Burgas.

Sunrise | Athens | July 15

Friedrich W. Murnau's 1927 melodrama, "Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans," follows an unnamed man who falls for a woman who attempts to convince him to drown his wife. While the storyline is relatively simple, the movie garnered critical acclaim over the years, as well as three Oscars at the first-ever Academy Awards in 1929.

Police Officers Discovered Modern Marihuana Greenhouse in Sofia

Metropolitan police officers have revealed a modernly equipped greenhouse for marihuana growing, the Ministry of Interior announced. A man with criminal past is detained.

A number of air ducts, air conditioners, and other items and materials supporting the growth and development of marihuana have been seized and in the search of a service room, adapted as a marihuana greenhouse.