2, 171 Children are Born Between 2014-2016 After State-Funded In Vitro Procedures

For two and a half years, 2, 171 children were born in Bulgaria after state - funded in vitro procedures. This was reported by the National Audit Office (NAO), whose experts have carried out an audit of the Center for Assisted Reproduction, quoted by bTV.

Tax office audit targets for 2017

The Independent Public Revenues Authority (AADE) issued a directive to all the tax officers across Greece that the priority of their audit targets will change. The new directive calls on tax officials to focus on cases with a track record of higher delinquency and collectible possibility, based on objective risk analysis criteria.

Bulgarian Political Parties To File Financial Reports By March 31

More than half of the political parties which, by law, are obliged to file their financial statements for 2016 with the National Audit Office have not done deposited their documents yet.

The deadline for submitting the financial statements together with the lists of natural persons who have made donations expires on March 31.

EU Audit Office: Bulgaria With Perfect Record in 2015 Cohesion Policy Projects

Bulgaria is among the countries without any mistakes in the management of projects under the cohesion policy of the EU, showed the annual report of the European Court of Auditors on the implementation of the European budget for 2015, presented to the Council of Ministers by the Bulgarian representative in the institution Iliana Ivanova.

50-60% tax on undeclared wealth

According to sources, the Greek government has reached a compromise with its creditors on the matter of collecting revenue from undeclared wealth. The recommended plan provides that taxpayers who voluntarily disclose undeclared wealth will be charged between 50 and 60% of the difference emerging after a tax audit on bank deposits and declared wealth.