“Pirogov” Hospital Inspection: No Evidence of Crimes, Few Administrative Violations Noted

The inspection in "Pirogov" conducted by the Agency for State Financial Inspection (ASFI), initiated by the Bulgarian Minister of Health, Professor Hinko Hinkov, has concluded. The medical institution reported that no evidence of committed crimes or abuses has been found.

Checks to start with rental hosts

Property owners and managers who rent out properties through short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb and, freelancers who will activate their card terminals for the first time from January 2024, the 20,000 professionals with low incomes but high gross profits, and those who bought real estate with cash will be the priority for inspections by the Independent Authority for Public R

Appeals delay major public projects

Appeals by residents or local government bodies (or both), disputes between companies, and service delays in the delivery of required spaces for the establishment of construction sites - e.g. due to the need for expropriations - are just a few examples of the issues that continue to derail the timetables of most of the country's major projects.

Importer of Predator spyware fined €50,000

Intellexa, the company that sells Predator tracking software, has been fined 50,000 euros by the Personal Data Protection Authority for failing to cooperate with an audit. 

At the same time, the authority has requested that the company provide the data it has been seeking since September, when it launched its probe. 

Sixteen prominent legal experts blast chief prosecutor’s intervention on ADAE

Sixteen prominent constitutional law professors have strongly criticised Greece's chief prosecutor Isidoros Dogiakos after he issued a controversial legal opinion arguing that the independent authority responsible for privacy, ADAE, cannot conduct audits of telecommunication companies to find out who is under surveillance by the country's intelligence agency.