The Normandy landings and memory

The 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings, in which Germany is taking part and Russia is absent, highlight the benefits of memory - and its limits. The very few survivors of the murderous, decisive battle of World War II, and the leaders representing the warring sides, come together to honor the dead. The latter stress their determination to never allow such bloodletting to be repeated.

In what will America trust?

We learned a lot from Donald Trump before his election in 2016, during his presidency and since. So, we did not expect many more surprises from him and his supporters. But recent events have revealed more about the darkness at the center of his personal and professional life, and also the extremes to which those that support him will go.

Bulgarian Socialist Party Leader Commemorates Victory Day and Europe Day with Call for Peace

As Bulgaria marks both Victory Day and Europe Day, Kornelia Ninova, leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), took a moment to reflect on the sacrifices made during World War II and the enduring quest for peace on the continent.

Trump Signals Intent to Strengthen Ties with Hungary's Orbán in Potential Second Term

In a recent address to an influential American conservative forum in Budapest, former US President Donald Trump hinted at plans to renew Republican cooperation with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, whom he hailed as a "great man." Trump's remarks come amidst Orbán's reelection for a fourth term in Hungary's 2022 parliamentary elections, albeit against a backdrop of economic chall

Trump Shifts Stance: Emphasizes Importance of Ukraine's Survival Amid Aid Package Debate

In a notable shift of tone, former President Donald Trump acknowledged the significance of Ukraine's survival to the United States, just days before the Republican-led US House of Representatives prepared to vote on a 61 billion USD military aid package.

Bulgaria's Political Landscape in 2023: Populist Parties Below 20% Support

In a recent release of the Authoritarian Populism Index 2024, Bulgaria emerges as a focal point for understanding the intricate interplay of political ideologies shaping Europe's landscape. Published by Timbro and EPICENTER, the index, presented in Bulgarian by the Institute for Market Economics, offers a comprehensive analysis spanning decades of electoral dynamics.