Caesarean section

44-Year-Old Woman Gave Birth to Triplets in Sofia

Triplets were born on June 13, 2019, in First Gynecological Hospital "St. Sofia", the hospital reported.

The babies were delivered by Dr. Anton Baev, obstetrician-gynecologist, neonatologist Dr Krasimira Ivanova, pediatrician Dr. Dimitar Kolev, anesthetist Dr. Miroslav Stoyanov, midwife Teodora Kostova and assistant professor Nella Vladimirova.

False claim by hospital workers to be investigated

Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis has asked a prosecutor to investigate an inaccurate claim made by the federation representing Greece's public hospital workers (POEDIN) that a woman and her baby suffered post-surgical complications after undergoing a Caesarean section at a hospital on Zakynthos in March.

Hospitals in Ankara refuse to admit HIV-infected pregnant girl with mental disabilities to give birth

Hospitals in Ankara have refused to admit an HIV-infected pregnant girl with mental disabilities to give birth because she had the "risk of carrying contagious virus." 

The girl, whose name remains hidden, was left abandoned after wanting to give birth, but was rejected by a number of hospitals, daily Habertürk reported on March 13. 

Giant baby born in China! (photos)

A mother has given birth to one of the heaviest babies in China.
The newborn is double the average weight in the world’s most populous country.
Coming in at 6.7 kilos the baby was dubbed ‘Kang Kang’, which means healthy in Chinese, by his father.
Although the family have not been named, their surname was given as Wang according to local media.

Istanbul University to pay compensation to girl who lost her mother due to wrong blood transfusion

A court in Istanbul has ruled Istanbul University to pay compensation to a girl whose mother died after she received wrong blood transfusion during a caesarean section surgery at the university's Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Hospital in 2013. 

Gorilla born by rare caesarean section delivery at British zoo

A baby gorilla has been delivered by a rare caesarean section at a British zoo in an operation performed by a hospital gynaecologist, the zoo said on Feb. 23.

Vets at Bristol zoo in western England called in expert medical help after the mother Kera showed signs of potentially life-threatening pre-eclampsia. 

Baby born with shrapnel in head (amazing video+pics) (warning: disturbing footage)

A shocking video has emerged showing a baby girl being born with a head wound from the bombings in a Syrian hospital! The expressions of joy and relief on the faces of the doctors in a hospital in the city of Aleppo are truly heartwarming, after they managed to save a baby girl who had sustained shrapnel to her head.

Turkish court orders doctor to pay child's expenses until adulthood after failed sterilization surgery

The doctor who failed to successfully perform tubal ligation as a means of sterilization on a woman has been ordered to pay all expenses for a child, born after the failed operation, until it reaches adulthood.

Patients have no right to demand C-sections, says Turkish Health Minister

Highlighting once again the above-average number of Caesarean sections performed in the country, Turkish Health Minister Mehmet Müezzionoğlu has warned patient that they do not have the right to demand such operations.

"Demanding a natural birth is a natural right of the patient and this is the way it should be," Müezzinoğlu told a group of reporters in Parliament on Dec. 19.