Fiat Chrysler plant in Kragujevac produces first test units of new electric car

KRAGUJEVAC - The Fiat Chrysler plant in Kragujevac, central Serbia, has produced the initial test units of the first-ever electric car to be manufactured in Serbia, Tanjug learns.

They are undergoing crash tests and other testing inside the factory complex.

In a statement to Tanjug, a union leader said camouflaged units would take to the streets of Kragujevac in the near future.

"It is normal for a car to remain protected for a period of time, while it is still in the development phase. All that is normal, it is what other global manufacturers do, too, but, after that, I really expect us to see it in full glory at an unveiling and then also in the streets of cities in Serbia and around the world," he said.

In 2022, automaking giant Stellantis, whose operations also include the Fiat Chrysler Automobili Serbia plant in Kragujevac, announced the launch of...

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