Dangerous stagnation

As we shuffle toward elections in the familiar fog of scandals, insults, threats and lies, the picture of the real economy ought to wake politicians and citizens to the magnitude of the country's problems. Without investments, without substantial reforms, without solving chronic problems, the economy will not escape the quagmire. We may even slip back into recession.

Engie Romania grants scholarships of 700 lei/months to Bucharest, Brasov pupils in dual education

Engie Romania invests 5 million lei for the qualification of about 120 young professionals from Bucharest and Brasov, who will receive a scholarship of up to 700 lei per month plus transport and meal through the "Energy for my job," program, the company announced on Friday.

Enterprises refusing to improve and evolve

Greek enterprises were shaken up, streamlined and transformed during the economic crisis of the last 10 years. However, their increased competitiveness has failed to bolster the economy, and while the country appears to be emerging from the financial crisis, the business environment does not allow for strong and sustainable growth, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Amazon Closes its Online Shopping Platform in China

The global online e-commerce store admits that support for third-country traders in the mainland of the world's second-largest economy will be halted, reported

In view of the pressure from competitors, Inc. said on Thursday that it is planned "operational corrections" in China to "focus more on cross-border sales."

Wasted energy

How many years of interrogations, how much ink writing up lists of charges, how many tons of rhetoric have been spent in the Siemens cash-for-contracts affair so we could just end up at Wednesday's result?

Eurohold Started Negotiations to Acquire CEZ's Assets in Bulgaria

The largest public holding company in Bulgaria and one of the leading independent business groups in Central and Southeastern Europe - Eurohold Bulgaria AD received exclusivity for the acquisition of the assets of electricity supplier, CEZ Group, in Bulgaria, the holding said in a press release to the media on 17th of April, reports BNT.