After the deal

The Greek-Italian accord signed on Tuesday that defines the two countries' maritime boundaries and draws a line between their exclusive economic zones is a perfect illustration of the significant benefits that can be reaped as a result of active, discreet and methodical diplomatic efforts.

Turkey’s ‘white hat hackers’ clamp down on videos with child abuse content

A branch known as the "white hat hackers," set up within the Communication Technologies Authority (BTK), has been tracing abusive social media accounts following reports that there were videos on YouTube with child abuse content.

Cyber police forces also have taken action to identify social media accounts sharing content that could tantamount to abuse.

Music Industry’s ‘Blackout Tuesday’ Anti-Racism Campaign Sparks Solidarity

The Blackout Tuesday online day of action, intended to show solidarity with ongoing protests in the US against racism and police brutality, drew support from several festivals, clubs, media and music companies in the Balkans, Turkey and Poland on Tuesday.

One of France's Richest People Admitted of Being a Spy When He Was a Teenager

A newspaper mogul ranked among France's richest 25 people has admitted he was a teenage spy who hacked the mobile phone of President Mitterrand.

Xavier Niel, 52, is the co-owner of Le Monde newspaper and the 21st richest person in France with an estimated fortune of €8 billion.

How Blockchain Can Help the Forex Market

This can mean a lot of different things: use by banking systems, more applications in everyday transactions, and so on. But it can also be tied to the potential for blockchain technology to be applied to investment markets. This is something that is already being discussed fairly commonly with regard to forex trading. In fact, it's even being implemented.