Smartphones gaining ground in Greece

Greeks spent over 4.6 billion hours scrolling on their smartphones last year, according to a survey by cellphone data analysis company App Annie.

That amount, which reveals just how much smartphones have become a part of everyday life, is actually estimated to be even bigger as the figures by the US company do not include the data used by the iOS appliances - i.e. iPhones.

Report: Turkey Remains World Beater in Twitter Censorship

The Twitter logo seen on a smartphone held beside a Turkish flag. Photo: EPA/Karl-Josef Hildenbrand

Turkey had the highest number of combined requests including court orders and other legal demands, with 45,776 requests. It was followed by Japan and Russia, which made 45,776 and 30,436 requests respectively.

Turkish watchdog opens WhatsApp probe over new rules

Turkey's Personal Data Protection Authority (KVKK) on Jan. 12 launched an investigation into WhatsApp over its new data-sharing rules.

The American messenger application recently forced users to agree to new service and privacy terms that allow sharing of more personal data with Facebook, which owns WhatsApp.

Dailymotion sets up legal representative in Turkey

French video-sharing technology platform Dailymotion appointed a representative in Turkey, a senior Turkish official said on Jan 9.

"One of the foreign-sourced social network provider Dailymotion with more than 1 million daily access from Turkey has appointed a representative in Turkey," Deputy Transport and Infrastructure Minister Ömer Fatih Sayan wrote on Twitter.