Instagram Stopped Operating in North America and Europe

Instagram stopped working. Users from Europe and North America say that information on the social network is not updated.

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram have collapsed again.

New posts are not displayed in profiles, and users can only see old posts if the story is visible at all.

Thus, the problem may not be noticed immediately and everything looks normal.

Foreign national wanted in Azerbaijan arrested at Greek-Turkish border

A foreign national who is being sought by the authorities in Azerbaijan for numerous crimes was arrested by policemen at the Kipi border post on Sunday, as he tried to enter the country.
The 42-year-old man is wanted for fraud, violating the privacy of correspondence, breach of privacy, blackmail and computer hacking, state-run news agency ANA-MPA reported.

Apple Sells Fewer Smartphones but Compensates with Higher Revenues in Services

Apple (Apple) reported revenue of $ 53.8 billion in the third quarter. The profit of the American company is 10 billion, which is a 13% decline, but exceeds market expectations, France Press reported.

The company stemmed some of its drop in sales to China, BBC reported.

Personal Data of 106 Million People in the US and Canada Has Been Stolen

The personal data of 106 million people in the United States and Canada were stolen after a hacker attack by a US financial company.

The information was confirmed by its representatives, stating that the hacker had made the breakthrough, had already been arrested. Data indicate that the attack took place on July 19th.

Generation Z

Fanbytes works with campaigns on new platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok with brands such as Apple Music, Sony, YouGov, Deliveroo, Warner, Universal Studios and the government. In the world of marketing they have redefined how brands communicate with Millennials and Generation Z.

A New Hacker Attack against the Commission for Personal Data Protection Was Prevented

We prevented a hacker attack against the Commission for Personal Data Protection, its Chairman Ventsislav Karadjov told the Bulgarian National Radio. The attempt was made through the wireless Wi-Fi network of the commission, which means that the perpetrator was within the area of the building.