Israeli court orders settlers to evacuate home

A court in Israel ordered settlers to evacuate a home in Hebron they had been living in since 2005 as an Israeli firm had not legally purchased it from its original Palestinian owners.

According to local media reports, the Jerusalem District Court ruled that the company used illegal means to purchase the house, which belonged to the Bakri family.

80,000 Syrians displaced in past 5 days

At least 80,000 Syrians moved near Turkey's border in the past five days following intense attacks by Bashar al-Assad]s regime, Russia and Iran backed-groups in this northern Syrian province, the Director of Syria's Response Coordination Group Mohammad Halaj said Friday. 

Halaj said at least 180,000 civilians were displaced since the beginning of November in Idlib due to the attacks.

Turkish defense giant ASELSAN breaks export record

With a shipment of software-based radios to Ukraine, Turkish defense giant ASELSAN scored its biggest-ticket, single-shipment export to date, officials from the company told Anadolu Agency on Dec. 20.

The company completed the deliveries of four of the radios and intercom systems under a contract signed with Ukraine's state-run Spets Techno Export, said the officials.

Bulgaria Is Taking Measures to Prevent Migrant Pressure

The fight against terrorism and radicalism in the Balkans and in Europe will be a major theme during the Aqaba Process which will be hosted by Bulgaria in 2020. This was made clear after Prime Minister Boyko Borissov's one-day visit to Jordan. According to Borissov, the war in Syria is a reason to pay more attention to migrant pressure.