Best selling sports cars in the US (infographic)

It seems that American car buyers still prefer US-based sports car over imported ones. The Ford Mustang is by some distance the sports car of choice for Americans. A $25,185 price tag combined with a 300 horsepower 3.7 liter V6 makes it unsurprising that, according to Ford, the Mustang has been the best-selling sports car in the States for 45 years straight.

In Pictures: Melania's Slovenian Hometown Celebrates Trump Victory

...Powered by Cincopa <a href=''>Video Portal</a> for Business solution.<span>Slovenia</span><span>A local band performed a song dedicated to Melania Trump in the street, after results were announced that Republican Donald Trump had won the US presidential election

See the fastest car of every decade from 1880 to today

Since the invention of the first vehicle, mankind has developed technology chasing one goal: to reach his destination just a little bit faster. Car manufacturers are constantly presenting new models which run faster and faster.

See below what were the fastest cars from 1880 to today.

1880-1889, Benz Motorwagen