"Frustrating" information for Ukraine. They won't like this

Four senior officials of the Ministry of Defense told this to the members of the Armed Forces Committee during a "confidential briefing".
This assessment will certainly frustrate Kyiv, which has reiterated on numerous occasions that the return of the peninsula is one of its main goals, "Politico" reports.

The Ukraine war and the East Med

The war in Ukraine is a storm raging in Europe's east. But its consequences will be felt in the south. The Eastern Mediterranean is likely to be affected in a variety of ways, with particular implications for Greece and its neighbors. Russia's presence and actions are one element in this equation. The effects of the war on the global order and the aspirations of regional powers are another.

NYT: America is ready; The main target is known. "It's going to hurt"

For years, the United States has insisted that Crimea is still part of Ukraine. Yet the Biden administration has held to a hard line since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, refusing to provide Kyiv with the weapons it needs to target the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia has been using as a base for launching devastating strikes.

Day 248 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Kyiv prepares for Long Blackouts due to Russian Bombings

Here are the highlights of events related to the war in Ukraine over the past 24 hours:

The Russian Navy prevented a drone attack near Sevastopol

Russian naval forces have prevented a drone attack near Sevastopol on the annexed Crimean peninsula, reports Russian-appointed governor Mikhail Razvozhaev.

Russians are preparing for the toughest battle? "Everything is clear"

"Everything is clear with Kherson. The Russians are bringing in reserves, strengthening their grouping there. This means that they are not planning to retreat. On the contrary, the hardest battle will be fought for Kherson," Arestoych said yesterday in a video posted on the Telegram social network.

US: Iranian troops in Crimea backing Russian drone strikes

The White House said Thursday that Iranian troops are "directly engaged on the ground" in Crimea supporting Russian drone attacks on Ukraine's power stations and other key infrastructure, claiming it has troubling evidence of Tehran's deepening role assisting Russia as it exacts suffering on Ukrainian civilians just as the cold weather sets in.