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The consequences of the Athens Declaration

The Athens Declaration signed by the president of Turkey and the Greek prime minister is a political text that does not legally bind the two parties. This is explicitly stated in its text itself, which emphasizes in its penultimate order: "This Declaration does not constitute an international agreement binding upon the Parties under international law.

Vucic: Principles apply to all, their violation is root of most problems

NEW YORK - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said in the UN General Assembly on Thursday that principles should not be changed from one occasion to another and that they did not apply only to the strong but to all because, if that was not the case, they were no longer principles.

Border guard contracts renewed

The financing for the renewal of the term of office of 800 fixed-term border guards in the eastern Aegean has been decided by the managing authority of the Migration Ministry.

The move aims to strengthen the operational capacity of the Hellenic Police for the protection and surveillance of the country's external borders.

IOM, UNHCR call for urgent action to prevent further deaths at sea

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) issued a joint statement on Friday calling for "urgent and decisive action to prevent further deaths at sea following the latest tragedy in the Mediterranean, the worst in several years," the organizations pointed out.

Member States agreed on "Fair Distribution" of Refugees and Migrants in the EU

European Union countries have reached a long-delayed agreement on a fair distribution of refugees and migrants. The decision was reached last night in Luxembourg by interior ministers.

The reform is in two directions - on the one hand with the countries under pressure, and on the other - an accelerated procedure for some of the migrants' applications.

Bulgaria: Police caught 10 Syrians on Trakia Highway - Two Women were Detained

Ten illegal migrants from Syria were caught on "Trakia" highway - near the village of Tsaratsovo, Plovdiv region, announced the prosecutor's office.

Detained and charged are two women, both aged 29. They are charged with helping refugees cross the country illegally.

German embassy counters Turks’ visa challenges

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The German embassy in Ankara on June 6 announced that around 100,000 Schengen visas were issued in Türkiye in 2023, countering the recent difficulties faced by Turkish citizens when applying for visas.

Germany currently does not issue more visas to any country in the world than Türkiye, the statement released on the embassy's Twitter account emphasized.

Man unable to attend his own wedding due to visa problems

With the rising Schengen visa problems experienced by Turkish citizens, a Turkish man from Istanbul will be unable to attend his own wedding in Germany due to the rejection of his application, local media has reported.

Complaints about the Schengen visa, which is required for Turkish citizens to enter European Union member countries, have increased recently.