Bulgaria: Demanding a Referendum on the Euro is Unconstitutional

Even if Bulgaria's membership in the Eurozone is not approved, this does not mean that any sovereignty of the real monetary policy of the BNB will be preserved. An analysis by Krasen Stanchev, ClubZ.

"Sovereignty" is not linked to and is not "betrayed" by the introduction of the euro

Nigerian airlines suspend flights over soaring fuel prices    

Nigerian airlines are to suspend all flights from today over rising jet fuel prices, an umbrella organisation of operators have said.    

The cost of fuel has soared worldwide since Russia invaded its neighbour Ukraine in February and the West responded by slapping sanctions on Moscow.    

The Ruble reached a two-year High against the Dollar and the Euro

The Russian ruble reached a two-year high against the dollar and the euro today, mostly due to strict capital controls in the country and despite the announced next package of EU sanctions, Reuters reported, quoted by BTA.

In morning trading, the ruble rose 0.7 percent against the dollar to 68.62 rubles, its strongest position since June 2020.