Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover 11th Century Rakia Distillation Vessel

Bulgarian archaeologists recently discovered an 11th century fragment of a distillation vessel used for the production of the country's traditional fruit brandy, which is known as rakia.

The fragment was uncovered during the excavation works, which are being conducted by the National Historical Museum (NIM) at the medieval Lyutitsa fortress.

Balkan Rakia Fest To Take Place In Sofia

The second edition of the Balkan Rakia Fest will take place in Hall 6 of Sofia's National Palace of Culture (NDK) between October 23 and 26.

More than 200 rakia brands and spirits beverages from Bulgaria and the neighbouring countries will be presented. The ticket, costing BGN 7, includes tastings of fruit, grape and anise brandies, as well as other Bulgarian and imported spirits.