‘Boy in watermelon’ statue becomes subject of online trolling

A statue of "boy in watermelon" erected by the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality recently at the city's entrance caught the attention of social media users and has become a subject of online trolling.

Mocking the statue, people compared it to "Chucky," a killer doll character in a famous Hollywood horror movie.

Fenerbahçe player lends support to village school in Turkey’s southeast

With the efforts of Senegalese footballer Mame Thiam, who plays for Istanbul giant Fenerbahçe, a village school in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır has received the necessary support to help it function once again and impart face-to-face education to children.

Prosecutors seek jail sentences for six people over death of child who choked on chocolate

Prosecutors in the capital Ankara have demanded a total of 13 years of jail sentences for six people over the death of a six-year-old Turkish boy who died after choking on the lid of an edible chocolate-filled syringe.

On Dec. 10, 2019, Mert Yağız Köksal died while eating a tube of chocolate he bought from the canteen of his school in Ankara's Keçiören district.

Couple visits 40 provinces in 6 months with caravan

A couple from Istanbul have visited 40 provinces in six months with their caravan after their theatre hall was closed due to the pandemic measures taken by the government.

"We are from Istanbul, and we were going to visit a province only for a week, and then return back to Istanbul. But then we decided to continue our trip," said İbrahim Yakut, a 39-year-old theatre artist.