Dingoes aren’t just feral dogs, says study

Dingoes might look like regular mutts, but in fact, they're genetically in between wolves and dogs, according to a new study published on April 22 in Science Advances.

The species, revered in Aboriginal culture but the bane of modern ranchers,- has been Australia's top predator since the extinction of Tasmanian tigers last century.

Prison for a man who beat a woman and a dog in Zemun? VIDEO

Lawyer Vojin aji, psychotherapist Milena Milanovi and eljko Stoji from the Association for the Protection of Animals "Alfa" spoke more about the attack of the man who beat up a woman and her dog in Zemun, for TV Prva.
An eyewitness from the video confirmed in a press release that the video does not show the whole event.

Dogs show signs of mourning after loss of canine companions

Dogs are deeply affected by the deaths of canine companions, eating and playing less and seeking attention more following a loss, a large scientific study said on Feb. 24.

Signs of grief have previously been reported across many species, including great apes, whales, dolphins, elephants and birds.

Data show pet trends among Turks

There are 1.2 million dogs and 4.1 million cats in Turkey, according to the data of the European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF), as the pandemic has caused a boom in the tendency to own pets among Turkish people.

Observing a similar rise,, an online portal that sells pet products, shared Turkey's 2021 pet trends based on sales statistics.

Chips inserted into Kangals to monitor world-famous dogs

Officials started inserting chips into Kangals, world-renowned shepherd dogs, to monitor and protect the gene structure of the animals who are native to the Central Anatolian province of Sivas.

The chipping process is being held in a hub named "Kangal Training, Protection and Reproduction" recently opened at Meraküm Hill, a region 10 kilometers away from the city center.