Sniffer dog ‘Volta’ retires after 10 years of service

A sniffer dog named Volta has retired after serving for ten years in the gendarmerie forces in the western province of Manisa.

The Pointer breed dog's carrier in the gendarmerie forces began in 2011.

Volta assisted the local anti-smuggling and organized crime squad in the province of Manisa in 2016.

Turkish manufacturing capacity usage edges down

The capacity utilization rate (CUR) in the Turkish manufacturing industry slightly fell on a monthly basis in March, the country's Central Bank announced on March 26. 

Local manufacturing industry units operated at 74.7% of their capacity this month, down 0.2 percentage points from February, according to the bank survey.

Romania's largest open-air museum inviting visitors to dog sledding

The ASTRA Museum at Dumbrava Sibiului Forest, Romania's the largest open-air museum, has for the past two days invited visitors to dog sledding trips at the initiative of one of the museum's employees who is passionate about dog-pulling competitions, according to the museum's spokesman, Cosmin Calinescu.