Drone warfare

Ukraine says hit Russian oil refinery south of Moscow

Ukraine on Wednesday hit a Russian oil refinery in Ryazan, south of Moscow, in a new drone attack on Russia's energy infrastructure, authorities said.

Ukraine has launched drones into Russia regularly since last year as the war between the two drags on, increasingly targeting sites such as factories and oil refineries deep inside Russia.

Ukraine claims destroyed Russian planes in overnight drone attack

Ukraine said Friday it had destroyed at least six Russian military planes at an airbase in the southern Rostov region in a barrage of overnight drone attacks.

Kiev launched once of its largest overnight attacks in weeks, firing more than 50 drones at Russian territory, according to Russia's defence ministry.

Fatal Drone Strike Hits Kharkiv, Causing Casualties and Destruction

Tragedy struck Ukraine's second-largest city, Kharkiv, as at least three individuals lost their lives in a devastating drone attack. The victims, initially responding to the scene, fell victim to a subsequent wave of assaults, adding to the toll of casualties. Reports also indicate several others sustaining injuries amidst the chaos.

Drone Attacks Hit Russian Factories in Tatarstan, Six Injured

Drone attacks targeted businesses in Yelabuga and Nizhnekamsk in southwestern Russia, resulting in injuries to six individuals, with three requiring hospitalization. While the final tally of victims remains uncertain, Russian state media, citing the press service of the head of Tatarstan, assured that there was no significant damage, and the industrial processes remained uninterrupted.

US Urges Ukraine to Halt Strikes on Russian Oil Bases Amid Global Concerns

The United States has urged Ukraine to cease its attacks on Russia's energy infrastructure, citing concerns over potential repercussions on global oil prices and retaliatory actions. The call for restraint comes amidst reports of intensified drone strikes targeting refineries, terminals, and storage facilities in western Russia.

Ukrainian Drone Strike Downs Russian A-50 Aircraft

А Ukrainian drone strike on March 9th proved to be remarkably effective, damaging a Russian A-50 aircraft, a vital component of Russian intelligence operations. The strike targeted the aviation scientific research and development complex "Beriev" in Taganrog, Russia, a facility known for repairing A-50 aircraft.