Economy of Russia

Russia's central bank hikes interest rates to prop up ruble

Russia's central bank yesterday raised its key interest rate by 3.5 percent, a move designed to fight inflation and strengthen the ruble after the country's currency reached its lowest value since early in the war with Ukraine.

The decision was announced after an emergency meeting of the bank's board of directors was called a day earlier as the ruble declined.

Bulgaria might File a Claim against Gazprom

"The probability of Gazprom requesting and winning an arbitration case against Bulgaria has been minimized. We are thinking in the direction of filing claims against 'Gazprom'", acting Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov said on the National Television regarding the suspension of natural gas deliveries from Russia in 2022.

Russians are a little bit nervous?

Namely, in its latest report dated April 26, ISW recalled that the founder of the Wagner group Yevgeny Prigozhin noted that as soon as the weather conditions in Bakhmut improve, Ukraine will launch a counteroffensive, which could coincide with Russia's May 9 Victory Day holiday (the commemoration of Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in 1945).