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Covid-19 in Bulgaria: 418 Newly Infected, 57 Fatalities

In the last 24 hours there have been 418 new cases and 1,441 cured of coronavirus. This shows the statistics as of April 19, according to data from the Single Information Portal.

Yesterday, 4,644 diagnostic tests were made - 2,654 PCR and 1,990 antigen, positive tests account for 9% of the total.  

The active cases by April 19 were 64,508.

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: 2,944 Newly Infected, 127 Fatalities

Yesterday, those cured of coronavirus were more than newly infected.

The latest figures show there were 2,944 new cases documented after 16,242 tests, according to data from the Single Information Portal. Positive tests were 18%.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in Bulgaria confirmed cases of coronavirus infection are 378,059.

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Number of Patients in Intensive Care Rose to 729, Fatalities - 119

Over the past 24 hours the number of Covid patients in need of intensive care has grown to 729. Twenty-four hours ago, they were 691. This is according to data from the Single Information Portal. In total there are 8,927 Covid patients in Bulgarian hospitals.

An increase in newly infected is reported of up to 4,857 people. There were 19,869 tests made, as 24% were positive cases.

Sofia Inspectorate Carries Out Inspections of Sources of Air Pollution

Teams of the Sofia Inspectorate are carrying out inspections of sources of air pollution with particulate matter from construction sites, auto repair shops, tyre fitting centres, waste-buying sites, furniture manufacturers, as well as outdoor waste burning, said the Sofia Municipality press office.

Seven New Social Services For Disadvantaged People Will be Introduced on the Territory of Sofia Municipality

Seven new social services will be introduced on the territory of Sofia Municipality through two projects funded under OP "Regions for Growth". The aim is to create the right conditions and support for children and young people by providing a modern and efficient social infrastructure.