Face Masks Mandatory on Spanish Beaches over This Summer

Anyone planning a holiday to Spain this summer will now have to wear a mask on the beach.

Spanish government tightened the rules on Tuesday, making it mandatory for all people aged six and over to wear face coverings 'on public streets'.

The new decree also makes it obligatory in 'outdoor spaces and in any closed space that has a public use or is open to the public'.

Bucharest not to be quarantined solely based on COVID-19 incidence rate of 6 per thousand inhabitants

Interior Minister Lucian Bode specified on Monday that the decision for quarantining Bucharest will not be based only on the COVID-19 incidence rate of 6 per thousand inhabitants. "It's not just the incidence rate that leads to this decision. Experts say very clearly: there are several factors, including this incidence rate of over 6 per thousand, that can lead to such a decision.

Bulgaria’s Leading Immunologist Hospitalized with Secondary Covid-19 Infection

Professor of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Andrey Chorbanov was admitted to hospital with COVID-19, reported "24 Hours".

Mathematician Petar Velkov posted the news on his personal Facebook account.

The head of the experimental immunology laboratory has been in hospital since Friday, his condition medium to severe. His lung scan showed serious results - bilateral pneumonia.

Bulgarian Epidemiologist: Latent Morbidity Helps Virus Spread Like Fire

"We are racing against the virus all the time," said Prof. Yordanka Stoilova, Head of the Department of Epidemiology and Disaster Medicine at the Medical University of Plovdiv and Chief Coordinator of the Expert Council on Epidemiology in her comment on whether the public is ready for a new tightening of restrictive measures because of the spike in Covid-19morbidity. She pointed out: