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“Vazrazhdane at the Presidential Consultations: Early Elections and Government before the Winter

President Rumen Radev has begun consultations with representatives of parliamentary groups in the 47th National Assembly to hand over a mandate to form a new government within the current parliament. He met representatives of "Vazrazhdane" for talks.

Bulgaria: Petkov's Cabinet has Officially submitted its Resignation

The resignation of the government has been submitted to the National Assembly, BNT reported. At this stage, no statement by the resigned Prime Minister Kiril Petkov is planned.

Petkov's cabinet remained in power for just over six months and was ousted by a no-confidence vote last week with 124 votes from GERB, DPS, Vazrazhdane and the "There Is Such a People" group.

Serbian Security Officials’ War Crime Verdict Set for 2023

Judge Carmel Agius, president of the UN's International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals, told the court in The Hague on Thursday that the appeal verdict in the trial of former Serbian State Security Service officials Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic will be delivered "about this time next year".

Private school fees cannot be increased arbitrarily: Minister

An arbitrary increase in annual private school fees, which became a hot topic on the country's agenda for some people, reaching up to 294,000 liras ($17,750), cannot be accepted, Education Minister Mahmut Özer has said.

"We are evaluating all complaints from parents on this issue and will intervene if needed," Özer said on June 7.

Interesting Facts from the Life of Bulgarian Revolutionary and Poet Hristo Botev

Hristo Botev is one of the brightest figures in Bulgarian history - a great national hero and revolutionary who dedicated his life to the freedom of our country. We also know Botev as a publicist and poet with amazing works that to this day touch our hearts and which Bulgarians recite by heart.

Financial Administration boss steps down

Ljubljana – Ivan Simič, the director general of the Tax Administration, stepped down on Wednesday, announcing his decision just minutes after the new government was sworn in. Simič, a staunch supporter of the Janez Janša government, was named to the post in acting capacity in May 2021 before getting a full five-year term in November the same year.