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Money Trail: How Paramilitaries’ Per Diems Proved Serbian Officials’ Guilt

For at least two years, officers at the Serbian Interior Ministry's State Security Service kept records thoroughly about their outgoing on personnel. About every two weeks, they made a list of all the people receiving per diem allowances and the total amount of money paid to them.

Slain Kosovo Serb Politician’s Widow Testifies in Murder Trial

Testifying via video link from Serbia at Pristina Basic Court on Friday, Milena Popovic, the widow of murdered Kosovo Serb opposition politician Oliver Ivanovic, said her husband did not voice any concerns about his safety before he was shot dead in the north of the ethnically-divided city of Mitrovica in January 2018.

Vucic meets with Brammertz

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic met with the chief prosecutor of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals Serge Brammertz on Friday, noting that Serbia was consistent in efforts to attain justice for war crimes and find people who had gone missing in the war conflicts of the 1990s.

Serbia Frees Journalist’s Murder Case Defendants from House Arrest

Belgrade Court of Appeal has ended the house arrest order for two Serbian State Security operatives, Ratko Romic and Milan Radonjic, who are currently being retried for participation in murder of prominent opposition Serbian journalist Slavko Curuvija in April 1999.

Tribute paid to Renaissance man Ivan Tavčar

As Slovenia celebrates the Year of Ivan Tavčar in 2023 with a number of events dedicated to the Slovenian writer, lawyer and politician (1851-1923) and his legacy, experts note the many fields that captured his interest. Together with his wife, Franja Tavčar (1868-1938), he helped build a liberal stronghold and supported fellow artists.