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Bulgaria’s “Gallup International”: Current President Radev with 51.6%, GERB first, BSP second

If the vote for president and vice president was last Sunday, Rumen Radev would have been elected by 51.2% of voters, GERB's Anastas Gerdjikov - 22.5%, DPS's Mustafa Karadayi - 7.9%, and DB's Lozan Panov - 6.2%.

Janša talks EU digital transformation framework with Apple CEO

Ljubljana – Prime Minister Janez Janša had a video call with Apple CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday with a release from the Government Communication Office saying they talked about legislative acts that are being coordinated in the EU in the field of digital transformation, and about the importance of cybersecurity in digitalisation services.

Paper tries to understand Janša’s controversial statements

Koper – Instead of taking some time to meet the European Parliament’s fact-finding mission, Prime Minister Janez Janša took to Twitter to yet again bring shame on the country, himself and Slovenian diplomats abroad, the newspaper Primorske Novice says on Saturday, suggesting that the media should perhaps start ignoring his provocations.

Fugitive Russian Billionaire Hopes Asylum Request Will Delay Extradition

Telman Ismailov (right) and Turkish businessman Sedat Peker (left) in Podgorica. Photo: Twitter/Sedat Peker

The Azerbaijan-born Russian billionaire was arrested in Podgorica, Montenegro, on October 1, on a Russian-issued international arrest warrant for allegedly ordering contract murders.

Bulgarian Pop-Folk Diva Set to Run for President on November 14

Bulgarian pop-folk diva Luna Yordanova has submitted her application to run for president at the forthcoming Presidential elections. She was nominated by an initiative committee, the BNR's reporter Maria Fileva informed. For her part, Luna Yordanova refused to disclose the name of the person who would run for Vice President and said: "It will be a nice surprise. Life itself is a show.

Petkov Expects around 30% Support in Upcoming Elections for His Formation "Continuing The Change"

Kiril Petkov, one of the leaders of the new political project, believes that the newly formed coalition will win about 27-30% of the vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

In a riv interview he said he was pleasantly surprised by a poll that found it with 9% support, but said the campaign could multiply it by three.