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Police in Minsk used a new method against protesters VIDEO / PHOTO

About 500 people, mostly young people, gathered in Minsk, according to a TAS S correspondent, without permission.
Belarus held presidential elections on August 9, and according to preliminary results, President Alexander Lukashenko received 80.08 percent of support.
Following the announcement of the results, protests broke out in Minsk and several other cities.

At least four carriages discovered in ex-royal estate

At least four carriages were discovered by Culture Ministry conservators working at the former royal estate of Tatoi in northern Athens, according to the Friends of Tatoi Society, a citizens' group that supports the salvation of the estate.

One of the carriages is the closed one used during the wedding of Queen Sophia of Spain and King Juan Carlos in Athens in 1962.

"Kosovo Government completely depends on Srpska Lista - i.e. Belgrade"

Today, she refused to chair the session at which the new Pristina government was elected.
"A government that completely depends on the votes of the Serbian List, which means Belgrade, and which was provided by President Thaci as the 61st vote, contrary to its constitutional role, can never be a representative will of the people," Osmani said, Pristina's RTK reported.

Virologist Popa says COVID-19 vaccine preferable intranasal instead of injectable

Mircea Ioan Popa, a researcher with the Bucharest-based Cantacuzino Institute, said on Thursday that the vaccine against COVID-19, which is to be developed in Romania under a collaboration agreement between the OncoGen Centre and the Cantacuzino Institute, should preferably be intranasal instead of injectable. "We have to mention that leading this project are our colleagues in Timisoara.

200th birth anniversary of ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza exhibition opens at Romanian Academy Library

Pictures, letters, diplomatic documents, archival documents, press copies in the possession of the Romanian Academy Library illustrating both the role played by Alexandru Ioan Cuza in the Union of 1859 and the measures he took for the modernisation of the state during the seven years of his rule, as well as aspects of his private life, are on display in an exhibition called "The 200th birth ann

Don’t Trust Serbian or Kosovo ‘Kings’ to Achieve Peace

Everyone, from Brussels to Washington, has enabled these two strongmen to continue holding their citizens in deadlock while simultaneously providing them with a chance to draft agreements in secret, without making much fuss at home, until everything is agreed and their patrons bless their heroic efforts.