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Yugoslav ‘Red Beret’ Army Brigades Fought in Bosnia – Witness

Three brigades of the Serb-dominated Yugoslav Army took part in fighting in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993 and, like the special operations unit of Serbian state security, were known as 'Red Berets', a defence witness in the retrial of two top Serbian state security officials in The Hague said on Thursday.

Vucic after a sudden meeting with Macron on Europe's agenda, Thaci, "Mini Schengen"

After the meeting, Vucic stated that Macron and Europe wanted to play the most important role on the Kosovo issue, but that no "in-depth" meeting had taken place.
"The French President said this in the first place referring to himself and the German Chancellor, as well as to the European institutions", he said.

Blic: Macron suddenly summoned both Vucic and Thaci

Both Vucic and Thaci are in Paris, attending the Peace Forum. Vucic left the Forum's Panel on Multilateralism in order to speak with the French President, the newspaper further said.
Namely, Macron met with Vucic last night, with whom he spoke for more than an hour.
"Macron wants to see Vucic again, and then with Vucic and Thaci together", diplomatic sources told "Blic".

Croatia Protests after Serbia Honours Yugoslav General

The Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs sent a diplomatic note on Friday to the Serbian embassy in Zagreb, expressing its "strongest protest over the unveiling of a memorial plaque to Mladen Bratic, commander of the former Yugoslav People's Army forces and associated Serbian paramilitary units in the attack on Vukovar".

Serbian Security Chief Jovica Stanisic’s Release Extended

The UN-backed Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals has announced that it has extended Jovica Stanisic's provisional release until April 30, 2020 because of his continuing illness.

It said that the extension was possible because "there is no indication that he has ever engaged in any practice undermining the administration of justice".

#2019PresidentialElection/Iohannis urges Romanians to turn out to vote: In 2016, absenteeism brought PSD to power

President Klaus Iohannis urges Romanians to vote through a video message posted on his Facebook page on Friday, showing that in 2016 "absenteeism brought the PSD [the Social Democratic Party] to power, the most harmful governance in the post-December history." "Starting today, for three days, Romanians abroad vote in the presidential elections.

Bosnian War Victims Rally Against Peter Handke’s Nobel Award

Members of the Association of Victims and Witnesses of Genocide and their supporters gathered on Tuesday in front of the Swedish embassy in Sarajevo to protest against the decision last month by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to award the Nobel Prize for literature to author Peter Handke, who took a pro-Serb stance during wartime.

PM-designate Orban: Romania has a legitimate gov't, despite shameful boycott of PSD, Pro Romania

PM-designate Ludovic Orban on Monday stated that Romania has a legitimate government voted by Parliament, despite the "shameful and pitiful boycott" of PSD and Pro Romania.      "Romania has a legitimate government, which received the confidence vote of Parliament, despite the shameful and pitiful boycott of some political parties, which is a first in the 30 years of Romanian democracy.