Doulamas the Magnificent | Athens | To May 26

The exhibition "Doulamas the Magnificent: An Exceptional Overcoat," organized by the Nafplio-based Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation in cooperation with the Benaki Museum in Athens, focuses on the tailoring of this very special garment, whose history has been researched in depth by PFF president Ioanna Papantoniou, highlighting the materials, cuts and patterns and motifs that adorn it while rev

Swiss Ambassador-Designate: For better future, state must work together with civil society

The Ambassador-Designate of the Swiss Confederation to Romania, Arthur Mattli, said on Monday that if a better future is wanted, the state must work together with the civil society and the private sector. Today the contribution of the civil society is very important.

London Fashion Week 2019 – Highlights

The Fall 2019 season started off the season with a weekend-long event. Catwalk shows, designer shopping and talks from the experts in the fashion industry. This season was stylish yet modern and wasn't short of heart stopping moments. Vivienne Westwood used the catwalk to deliver a message about climate change. Molly Goddard's hot pink dress had everyone aflutter!

5 Technological Advancements in Eyeglasses You Don’t Know About

Many people associate eyeglasses with cutting-edge technology. As we can see, smartphones get smarter, and cars go greener, eyewear seems comparatively the same. This notion is dead wrong because opticians and materials experts are pushing the boundaries of what eyeglasses can do.