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Media: If Pristina does that, Serbia prepared a ready answer; 14 countries promised

As Novosti has learned, Serbia will respond by activating the campaign for the derecognition of Kosovo, and as the paper has learned, our country has firm promises from 14 countries that are ready to withdraw their decisions on the recognition of Kosovo and Metohija.

German "stick-and-carrot": What did Scholz say to Kurti but not so directly to Vučić?

The first great Balkan assignment of the new German Chancellor was successfully performed: both Vui and Kurti came to Berlin.
These are politicians, as Deutsche Welle writes, in whose hands is the solution of the currently biggest political problem in the Balkans - the relations between Serbia and Kosovo.

Lost World: Prehistoric Houses Found in Lake Ohrid Thrill Archeologists

The archaeologists, who have been working in this field for a few years, say the discoveries confirm the earliest known practise of agriculture near the lake.

The discoveries have attracted the attention of the wider community, and the Albanian community living in Switzerland has organised a meeting with one of the best-known archaeologists on the team to discuss them.