Geography of Greece

Taxes: The 17 tourist areas that are targeted by tax auditors

The Independent Public Revenue Authority - AADE will be landing on 12 islands and 5 tourist land destinations in view of the tourist season to reduce tax evasion mainly of VAT and to increase tax revenues. In fact, for this purpose, it is strengthening the staff in the respective Tax Bureaus for the months of July, August and September.

Spinalonga to light up in 2024

After twenty years of adventures, the process of approvals and licenses began so that the construction of the Spinalonga electricity project can start. A few days ago, the municipal council of Agios Nikolaos, Crete approved the project as well as the terms of the relevant contract with HEDNO, the operator of electricity transmission networks.

Grivalia Hospitality: New 250 million euro luxury tourism projects – Moving HQ to Greece

In addition to brain regain in terms of talent, we also have brain regain of companies, with Grivalia Hospitality preparing to move its headquarters from Luxembourg to Greece by the end of the year, while at the same time launching another large investment in the field of luxury tourism.