Geography of Greece

Lockdown if necessary in some of Greece’s most popular islands

A number of Greece's most popular islands will be confronted with a local lockdown where there has been over the last two weeks a continual steep rise in confirmed COVID-19 cases Some experts have projected a possible 10,000 cases a day by mid-August.

That is over three times the number of cases in the last 24 hours (2,691) announced today by the National Public Health Organisation.

How to tour Halkidiki by car

Is it a product of the local perceptions that see "our" village as the most beautiful in the world or just another anecdotal buzzword among those that circulate from time to time jocularly at parties? Anyway, "there's no place like Halkidiki", even through its exaggeration, speaks a great truth. That, quite simply, there's no place like Halkidiki!