Erdogan is Expelling Ambassadors of United States, Germany, France and Seven other Countries

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has created a diplomatic scandal by ordering the foreign ministry in Ankara to declare 10 ambassadors persona non grata, including the United States, Germany and France. The reason is their call for the release of Turkish philanthropist Osman Kavala, Reuters reported, quoted by BTA.

Pahor says president does not decide fate of govt

Ljubljana – President Borut Pahor told the news portal N1 on Saturday that in his capacity as president he had neither the right nor the competence nor the duty to say that enough is enough in the current tense situation. The president does not have the power to decide on the fate of the government, he noted.

Home Policy Committee votes down motion for snap election

Ljubljana – The parliamentary Home Policy Committee voted down late on Friday evening a motion by the centre-left opposition calling for a snap election. The emergency session, which lasted for more than nine hours, discussed the situation in the country. The government finds the motion to be unwarranted.

Μovement for Change approves six candidacies in party leadership race, candidates feverishly regroup

By George Gilson

The centre-left Movement for Change Party (KINAL, formerly Pasok) today approved and certified six candidates for the party leadership race after examining the signatures submitted in support of each candidate.

Albanian Prosecutor Declines to Probe Communist-Era Disappearances

However, during the interview, it emerged that in at least one case, prosecutors have acknowledged that they should have taken action but have not done so since they were first asked to do so in 2018.

In a second case, which was opened back in 2010, prosecutors have shelved the matter, leaving unidentified human remains that have already been exhumed.