‘Million Moments’: Can Czech Protest Movement Regain Momentum?

But the organisers called a pause over the summer holidays and asked protesters to reconvene on November 16, the day before the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. 

Can the protest movement now regain momentum through a new wave of protests, and even if it does, will it ever have a decisive impact on Czech politics?

Probe launched after pupil pulls out gun at Irakleio school

Police on Crete launched an investigation after a secondary school pupil in the area of Mesara, near the port of Irakleio, pulled out a gun on the school premises. 

The local police were notified immediately by school staff and were looking into the exact circumstances of the incident that led to no injuries as the pupil did not fire the gun.  

Frontex records reduction in migrant flows to Greek islands in October

In October, the number of detections of illegal border crossings on Europe's main migratory routes fell 17 percent from the previous month to around 16,800 due to a drop in arrivals on the Greek islands in the eastern Aegean. The total on all European migratory routes for the first 10 months of 2019 was 16 percent lower at 107,900, a Frontex report said on Wednesday.

Vucic after a sudden meeting with Macron on Europe's agenda, Thaci, "Mini Schengen"

After the meeting, Vucic stated that Macron and Europe wanted to play the most important role on the Kosovo issue, but that no "in-depth" meeting had taken place.
"The French President said this in the first place referring to himself and the German Chancellor, as well as to the European institutions", he said.