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Rouvikonas attacks Athens offices of private power suppliers

Members of anti-establishment group Rouvikonas (Greek for Rubicon) have targeted the offices of two private power suppliers in northern Athens.
A group of up to 20 people on bikes threw stones and bottles of paint at the headquarters of Volterra and Elpedison on Amaroussiou-Halandriou Street which runs between the suburbs of Maroussi and Halandri.



Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias visits the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

Deputy Foreign Minister Antonis Diamataris begins an 11-day visit to the US and Canada. To November 28.

Workathlon launches the 3rd Series of Interactive Hospitality Talent Fairs at the 100% Hotel Show at the Mediterranean Expo Center in Paiania, eastern Attica. (Info:

Ankara using refugee flows to hurt Greece

Costas Karamanlis' recent talks in Thessaloniki and London have triggered a lot of discussion. This was only to be expected given the suddenness of his reappearance; a lot was written and said about the matter, and many questions were raised. Meanwhile, the former conservative prime minister's supporters were delighted by his presence on the political scene.

Editorial: Greece needs a new economic policy with inspiration and risk

The new government undoubtedly renewed expectations for the improvement of economic conditions and created a suitable environment for more rapid growth.

By all accounts the economic climate improved after the 7 July general elections.

Μακεδονικά προϊόντα : Τι αλλάζει στο σήμα ώστε να τα διαφοροποιεί από αυτά των Σκοπίων

Former Novartis executive claims to have met top SYRIZA officials

A key witness in the inquiry regarding an alleged bribery scandal involving Novartis yesterday claimed to have met with top officials of leftist SYRIZA before the party came to power in 2015 during his second deposition before the parliamentary committee probing possible political interference in the investigation.

Former Novartis executive claims to have met with Tsipras, top SYRIZA ministers

A key witness in the inquiry regarding an alleged bribery scandal involving Novartis claimed to have met with top ministers of main opposition SYRIZA in his second testimony before the parliamentary committee probing possible political interference in the investigation.

Poor imitation

It's 1980. After six years in the prime minister's seat, Constantine Karamanlis becomes president, leaving behind a divided party and a financially troubled country - it's only a few months since the second oil crisis in the summer of 1979. Greece is going through political upheaval: strikes, university sit-ins, and near-daily protests.

Pikrammenos fingers Papaggelopoulos for implicating him in Novartis scandal

The judiciary has sent to Parliament the testimony of former caretaker PM and current Vice Premier Panagiotis Pikrammenos - who previously served as president of the Council of State - in which states his belief that former alternate justice minister Dimitris Papaggelopoulos was the person who implicated him in the Novartis scandal.

Dendias, Pyatt discuss bilateral ties

Relations between Athens and Washington were at the focus of talks between Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt on Wednesday.
The meeting took place at the Foreign Ministry in Athens.
Earlier on Wednesday, Dendias met with Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, head of the Vatican's office for eastern rite churches.

Prosecutor charges KINAL lawmaker with bribery in Novartis probe

Greece's top corruption prosecutor Eleni Touloupaki ordered the Athens prosecutors offie to bring bribery charges against Movement for Change (KINAL) lawmaker Andreas Loverdos, as part of the ongoing investigation into the alleged graft scandal involving Swiss drugmaker Novartis.