Government of Serbia

Belgrade: The Creation of the Serbian World is a Process that Cannot be Stopped

"The creation of the Serbian world is a process that cannot be stopped", said Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin. "It is important that all Serbs, no matter where they live, be united and that all issues of national interest be resolved together in Belgrade, the capital of all Serbs", he stressed.

Vučić laid a wreath at the Monument to the Košare Heroes; "Thank you very much" VIDEO

President Aleksandar Vucic laid a wreath at the Monument to the Heroes of Kosare to mark the anniversary of the end of the battle.
After laying the wreath, Vui talked to the veterans of the Battle of Koare, who also laid the wreath at the monument, and thanked them for everything they did for the fatherland.

Vučić about Lavrov's arrival: It's possible that everything'll be fine, it may not be

The tour started at 3 p.m., and the Ukrainian ambassador Volodymyr Tolkach accompanies the president.
Upon his arrival, the President was greeted with applause, and at the very beginning of the tour, he was interested which cities the refugees came from, as well as whether the children started going to school.

Analyst says election result in Serbia was expected

Ljubljana/Belgrade – The only news after the presidential and general elections in Serbia was the result of opposition parties, while everything else had been known in advance, as all mechanism for election victory had been in the hands of Aleksandar Vučić, Borut Šuklje, a former Slovenian diplomat and an expert on the Balkans, told the STA on Monday.

Vučić in Belgrade: "We've changed the image of Serbia; No going back to the past"

SC Vodovac was fully packed half an hour before the start of the address.
Vui first thanked the citizens who supported his candidacy, and partners from the SPS, the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians, numerous associations and hundreds of thousands of people from Serbia and the entire region.

"If Vucic doesn't run, I will. It seems I'm coming out of a retrograde Mercury"

Dacic also referred to the decision that SPS and SNS run separately on the forthcoming parliamentary elections. "They told me the other day that retrograde Mercury is coming out of my Capricorn sign and that I will get lucky," Dacic joked in the morning program of Kurir Television and announced that the Assembly of Serbia would be dissolved on February 15.