Government of Serbia

Illumination of Serbia, Hungarian Style

The group includes Balint Erdei, a friend and former business partner of Orban's son-in-law, Istvan Tiborcz, as well as Radovan Đumić, whose company Keep Light is prospering thanks to the public contracts it is winning, Dragoljub Zbiljić and Nenad Kovač, businessmen with links to SNS, and Mark Crandall, a former boss of Brnabic.

Red Flags Raised over Serbia’s Procurement of Official Jet

Serbia's public procurement portal has no record of any public procurement procedure for the plane and the country's Treasury administration has no information on any payment being made by any Serbian state institution to either EMS S/A, the plane's previous user, or Brazil's ItauBank Leasing, which leased the plane to EMS S/A.