Haris Doukas

PASOK must give voice to the party base

Those who argue that Haris Doukas is the person who can play a central role in the future of PASOK and the center-left justify their view by saying that "left-wing voters support him and right-wing voters are not afraid of him." In this interview with Kathimerini, the mayor of Athens lays out a comprehensive political framework for the regrouping of PASOK through what he describes as a "partici

Municipality to address building height bonuses

The controversial issue of the maximum heights of buildings in the Greek capital will be addressed on Monday at the municipal council of Athens. 

The municipality will reportedly present a legal opinion, according to which the building height bonuses included in the building regulation cannot be applied, since they go beyond what is defined by a relevant decree issued in 1955. 

Athens mayor clashes with hoteliers

The demand of the new mayor of Athens, Haris Doukas, for an increase in the fees imposed on accommodation in the capital's hotels in order to finance the increased needs for infrastructure and personnel created by the increase of tourists in the capital has triggered a confrontation with hoteliers.