Hatay Province

Population rebounds in earthquake-hit region, official says

Turkish provinces devastated by last year's earthquakes have seen a resurgence in their populations, says Atay Uslu, the head of the parliament's subcommittee on migration and adaptation.

Uslu revealed that regions that experienced rapid population decline post-earthquake have now begun to approach their former demographic levels.

Turkey mourns its tens of thousands dead, surrounded by the ruins of last year’s earthquake

Millions of people across Turkey on Tuesday mourned the loss of more than 53,000 friends, loved ones and neighbors in the country's catastrophic earthquake a year ago.

To mark what it calls the "Disaster of the Century," the government arranged a series of events to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the disaster in southern Turkey.

Nation mourns victims of twin quakes on 1st anniversary

Millions of people early Feb. 6 partook in "silent marches," traversing through desolate streets across 11 southern provinces to commemorate the 53,537 lives on the first anniversary of the twin earthquakes.

Participants observed a moment of silence at 4:17 a.m., the haunting moment when the first tremor of 7.7 magnitude struck the cities while millions were asleep.

Turkey, a year after the life-changing earthquakes

HATAY, Turkey - "It felt like the world was turning upside down. Telling the story is not the same as experiencing it." Sixty-one-year-old Kanraman Karat vividly remembers this night last year when the earth shook violently in the middle of his slumbers, taking tens of thousands of lives and destroying hundreds of thousands of properties.