Epidemic’s toll: Less physical activity, more overweight kids, digital addiction

Ljubljana – The latest measurements have revealed the Covid epidemic has severely impaired school children’s physical efficiency, making 10% addicted to digital devices, and increasing the share of overweight kids by 30%. Experts thus propose several measures to address the issue, such as no more school closures and possibly no homework.

Sarcevic: "That is unfair and it will not happen" VIDEO

Minister Sarcevic told TV Prva that the recordings of lectures in schools were successful, but that for safety reasons, at one point they switched to recording classes from home, which also went great.
"On this occasion, the teachers learned how to question the students in some other way", the minister said.

Pandemic-Era Online Schooling Exposes Big Balkan Disparities

For often antiquated education systems and frequently IT-shy teachers in the Balkans, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant a sharp, sometimes impossible learning curve as schools embark almost overnight on an e-learning experiment that has exposed huge disparities between and within countries, between private and public schools and cities and villages in terms in knowledge and resources.