Greek-American doctor on front line of coronavirus pandemic

Dr George Nerantzakis (left) and Will Vanderwall, a physician assistant, prepare to perform a procedure for a patient stricken with the coronavirus at the Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York, last week. With the New York death toll already topping 4,000 people, the hospital has been hit hard by the crisis and an estimated one third of medical staff have been put in quarantine.

There is no longer any treatment at home; all those infected must go to hospitals

These are the instructions that the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Public Health "Milan Jovanovic Batut" forwarded to local governments.
Until now, patients who had no symptoms of the disease or had a mild clinical picture were treated at home.

Nurses, anesthetists and surgeons are among most infected at the Dedinje Institute

This was stated by the director of that hospital, Milovan Bojic.
He stressed that 250 people were tested at the Institute, that the virus had been confirmed in 67 healthcare workers and 14 patients, that infected healthcare workers were excluded from work and patients were taken to COVID-19 hospitals.

Doctors, Nurses Question Greek Government’s Coronavirus Response

At the beginning of April, staff of the Sotiria Public Hospital in the Greek capital, Athens, issued an open letter complaining they had been supplied with "defective" masks to guard against infection from patients with COVID-19.

Sotiria has handled the majority of those hospitalised with the virus in Greece, which has roughly 1,735 confirmed cases, of which 76 have died.

Romanian Health Minister Resigns Amid Pandemic Catastrophe

Multiple disturbing anonymous testimonies and videos from hospital personnel paint an almost desperate situation: doctors and nurses are forced to interact with sick patients without any protective equipment, as the materials they need are either withheld by management or non-existent.

The Peak of COVID-19 Epidemic in Bulgaria Expected in 2-3 Weeks

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and the Medical Expert Council with the Council of Ministers on April 3 presented the data from the first report of the Council.

The chair of the medical council, Prof. Dr. Kosta Kostov, stated that they were completely satisfied with their work and what they created was fully accepted.

"Daruieste Viata" Association to build modular hospital for COVID-19 patients, in the Elias Hospital's courtyard

"Daruieste Viata" (Give Life) Association has announced that it will build a modular hospital for the COVID-19 patients, which will be located in the courtyard of the Elias Hospital in Bucharest, based on an agreement signed with the management team of this medical unit.

No more appeals, as soon as you feel the symptoms - go to the health center

State Secretary at the Ministry of Health Berislav Vekic said today that citizens who experience symptoms suggestive of coronavirus such as dry cough, sore throat or fever should report to the nearest health center where they will be examined and be returned to home isolation or referred for hospital treatment.