2,145 nursing positions added to Greek hospitals

A decision to recruit 2,145 permanent nursing personnel in public hospitals across Greece was signed on Thursday by the State Personnel Selection Board (ASEP).

The allocation of positions was based on existing needs in the national health system, including in university and secondary education hospitals. ASEP is expected to make an official posting in the coming days. 

Student admitted to Patra hospital ICU with suspected meningitis

A 20-year-old university student admitted in the Intensive Care Unit of the University Hospital of Patra, western Greece, on Wednesday was in critical condition, state-run broadcaster ERT reported. 

The woman underwent a series of tests and doctors are waiting for the results. Doctors believe she has an infection with some media stating it is meningitis.

Emergency Patients Denied Hospital Admission in Sofia Amid ICU Shortages!

Hospitals in Sofia are facing a crisis as they turn away emergency patients due to a severe shortage of intensive care unit (ICU) beds. The alarming issue came to light during a forum discussing the challenges within Bulgaria's healthcare system, where a nurse from the Sofia Emergency Service shed light on the dire situation.

Military hospitals will not integrate into health system, say MOD sources

There is "no scenario in which" military hospitals could be integrated with the National Health System (ESY), Defense Ministry sources said on Sunday.

Responding to recent rumors and publications bringing up the possibility of military hospitals becoming part of ESY, the sources added that "the health services of the armed forces must be and will remain independent."