Sofia Crisis Center Gives Shelter to Homeless in Freezing Cold Weather

Until recently the Crisis Center in Sofia housed those in need only in the evening, but because of the extremely low temperatures, homeless people are now welcome there all day.

Nearly 90 people are benefiting from the Crisis Center service at this time, NOVA TV reports.

More hospitals join vaccination program

Staff at an additional 40 hospitals will be admitted into Greece's coronavirus vaccination drive starting Monday and another 36 will join on January 11, according to Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias.

The ministry's aim, he said in a briefing last week, is to have more than 60,000 health workers immunized against Covid-19 by January 20.

HoMellon program gets homeless into the labor market

Mytilineos, in collaboration with the KNOWL social enterprise for life-long learning, has successfully completed the first social accelerator for the integration of the homeless, newly homeless and people living in unsafe housing or unsuitable areas.

The social accelerator, called HoMellon, aims to integrate these groups into the job market.

Croatia Fails to Rise to COVID-19 Challenge for Zagreb Homeless

These instructions were printed on a small flyer distributed by the Croatian Homeless Network (Hrvatska mreža za beskućnike), which proved crucial for the homeless population of Zagreb in the early days of the pandemic, when they served as a rare and valuable source of information.

Sofia in 30th Place in Terms of Rising Property Prices

Sofia ranks 30th among 150 cities in the world in terms of rising residential property prices, according to the Residential Cities Index. Residential property prices in the capital rose 5.9% last year, with an average increase of 3.2% for all cities in the ranking. It turns out that the real estate market in Sofia performs better than in most major cities around the world.