Compassionate Initiative: Metropolitan Municipality's Holiday Aid for Homeless Individuals

Nadezhda Bacheva, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality overseeing "Social Activities and Integration of People with Disabilities," spearheads a heartfelt initiative aimed at providing sustenance and warmth for those living on the streets during the upcoming holiday season.

Pace of rent increase slows in Turkish cities, including Istanbul

New data suggest that the outlook in the housing market may be changing in favor of tenants and potential homebuyers as the pace of rise in rents and home prices slows down across Türkiye, including the country's three largest cities.

In some provinces, rents reversed course and started declining, even though the drop is rather limited.

Increase in home prices further slows

The slowdown in the year-on-year increase in the residential property price index (RPPI) continued in October, the latest numbers from the Central Bank showed.

Home prices rose by 86.5 percent across Türkiye, easing from September's 89.2 percent increase.

The RPPI increased monthly by 3.8 percent, while the year-on-year increase in real terms was 15.4 percent.

Bulgaria: 85% of Population Reside in Owned Homes

In the latest Eurostat data disclosed on Thursday, it's been unveiled that a significant 85% of Bulgarians resided in households owning their homes in the year 2022, marking a slight increase from the preceding year's 84.9%. This statistic presents an intriguing aspect of the housing landscape in the country.

Market Watch: Bulgaria's Real Estate Prices Make a Quiet Move

As the warm summer months gave way to autumn, Bulgaria's real estate market witnessed a subtle shift. According to the latest analysis by "Arco Real Estate," a mild decline in housing prices was observed during the third quarter of the year. The data reveals that prospective homebuyers are approaching the market with increased sensibility, opting for prudence over impulsive decisions.

Some 10,000 rental homes to be built in Istanbul

Preparations are in the final stage to launch a project that is designed to address the growing housing problem in Istanbul by developing 10,000 rental homes.

The Real Estate Investors Association (GYODER) in July first floated the idea of devising a new model to increase home supply in the country's largest city.