Income distribution

Albania Unions Demand Hike in Minimum Wage

Albania's Confederation of Trade Unions, KSSH, is pressuring the government to raise the minimum wage by 17 percent within a year, alongside other requests that would improve the conditions of working people.

KSSH chief Kol Nikollaj told BIRN that they intend to use any democratic means in order to achieve this objective.

Households in Ankara have highest equalized disposable income in Turkey: Survey

The capital Ankara again had the highest annual average equalized household disposable income in Turkey in 2016 at 26,486 Turkish Liras, followed by Istanbul and the Aegean province of İzmir, according to the results of an official survey published on Sept. 25. 

Majority of Syrians in Turkey employed in unregistered work for lower wages: Survey

The vast majority of Syrians in Turkey are employed in unregistered work for significantly lower wages compared to their Turkish counterparts, a new survey has shown.

According to a survey by the United Metalworkers Union with 604 Syrian and Turkish textile workers, Syrians work for wages that are 25 percent lower on average than Turkish employees.