Income distribution

Dijsselbloem document did not call for extra pension reforms, spokesman says

A document prepared by Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem referring to "social security measures" in Greece did not concern the need for additional pension reforms but other issues that included guaranteed minimum income, the Dutch finance minister's spokesman Michel Reijns said Wednesday.

New online register to include all properties, shares, money abroad

Taxpayers will have to declare income from abroad, holdings in foreign companies and property assets and capital in other countries in the online asset register ("Periousiologio") that the General Secretariat for Public Revenue will introduce in 2017, which will also include all taxpayer data stored by the tax authorities.

When it comes to gender equality…

Abdullah Çakıroğlu, who kicked Ayşegül Terzi on a public bus because she was wearing shorts, was released in the first hearing of the trial on Oct. 26. It is not possible not to protest against this decision. In fact, anybody with a conscience reacted and voiced their protests.  

What Çakıroğlu said in his "defense" lacked all intelligence. There is no need to repeat it. 

Bulgaria's Average Monthly Wage Lowest in EU, Balkan Countries

Bulgaria ranks last in terms of income not only among EU member-states but also in the region, showed a survey of the Confederation of Independent Syndicates in Bulgaria (KNSB).

The nominal amount of the average monthly wage in Bulgaria of EUR 420 is about 5.5 times lower than the average levels for the EU, where it is EUR 2,293.

Taxman to accept inheritances

The Finance Ministry is planning to allow the concession of properties to the state for the payment of inheritance tax - unless this tax exceeds the objective value of the property - and other obligations to the state, while it appears the government will have to postpone the return of the capital gains tax on properties for another year.

September state revenues beat target

The growing use of plastic money, combined with the increased value-added tax takings and the decision of more people to pay this year's Single Property Tax (ENFIA) in a lump sum sent the budget's net revenues soaring in September, which even came as a surprise to the Finance Ministry, which released the data on Tuesday.