Internet culture

EC's Greece office leaked reports of EU fine for time change to raise awareness of fake news

Media reports about the European Union imposing a fine on Greece for introducing Daylight Saving Time on Sunday was leaked intentionally to raise awareness and encourage caution opposite fake news, the European Commission's office in Athens said in a statement.

Emergency Number 112 is now Available for Disabled People, but only after Registration

Emergency telephone number 112 can now be used via a mobile application, a computer and a tablet, the MoI announced.

The new features of the system are introduced to give people with hearing and speech impairment access. However, they need to pre-register, which requires a lot of personal data and details about the person who has decided to use the new opportunities.

Maria Gabriel: 75% of Young People Do Not Recognize Fake News

''Europe is taking small steps to fight fake news, but the road is very long.'' How to recognize fake news commented Maria Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Digital Society, in the morning block of the Bulgarian National Television.

Maria Gabriel said that every month the results of the fight of social networks with fake news are reported.

Copy-paste journalism

The reporting of news has changed drastically in the internet age. It is not just fake news - the deliberate misinformation of people - that is flourishing and shaking the very foundations of Western democracies; it is also, unfortunately, the recycling and reproduction of inaccurate reports, which is mainly due to journalists' laziness and the lack of any obligation to verify the facts.

School Survey Including the "Other" Third Gender was Stopped in Bulgaria, Education Minister Announced

In the Bulgarian schools, the questionnaire on the SELFIE tool was suspended. That was announced by Minister Krasimir Valchev. It was prepared by the EC, and it was distributed to about 900 schools in Bulgaria to assess their opportunities for introducing digital technologies for teaching and learning.

Bulgarian Ministry of Education with Request to the EC to Edit a Poll in Which Consists an "Other" Gender Option

In a letter to the European Commission's Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, the Ministry of Education and Science has requested a revision in the questionnaire to the SELFIE digital self-assessment tool.

Study points to online dangers, complacency

Almost half (43 percent) of parents in Greece do not limit their children's internet use, according to the results of a study conducted by the Greek Safer Internet Center in November and December last year.

The survey was carried out on a sample of 14,000 children aged between 10 and 17 from 400 schools in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Patra and Larissa.