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Bulgaria to replace Russia on the Qualification for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris

Because of the war in Ukraine, the World Basketball Association did not admit Russia to the qualifications for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. Bulgaria was admitted instead of the Russian basketball players, thus our men's national team gets the opportunity to fight for participation in the Olympic Games next year.

The European Commission works Slowly and Sluggishly - Bulgarian Farmers have lost BGN 900 Million

The caretaker Minister of Agriculture, Yavor Gechev, accused the European Commission that, because of its slow and sluggish work, Bulgarian farmers lost BGN 800-900 million. The reason for his comment to bTV was his request from yesterday that Bulgaria is considering stopping the import of Ukrainian grain and food. Poland and Hungary have already announced such a measure.

Easter in the trenches

Ukrainian servicemen place candles after a special service for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, during a ceremony to bless Easter cakes at St Michael's Cathedral before Orthodox Christmas in Kyiv.