The changing face of Spinalonga, ‘island of the living dead’

Immortalized in Victoria Hislop's award-winning novel, "The Island," the uninhabited islet of Spinalonga has a long and tragic past. Known by its grim epithet, the "island of the living dead," and nestled in the picturesque Elounda Bay of northeast Crete, the islet was home to one of Europe's last leper colonies, active from 1903 to 1957.

Up to a third of Slovenian caves polluted

Slovenia has a rich underground world with caves large and small dotting the country. They have attracted cavers, visitors and researchers from near and afar for centuries, but also people who used them as a handy way to dump their waste. As a result, 20-30% of Slovenian caves are now thought to be polluted and cleaning them is a major challenge.

Research shows Triglav, Skuta glaciers continue to shrink

The latest measurements of the glaciers below the Triglav and Skuta peaks have shown that the only two remaining glaciers in Slovenia have shrunk and thinned significantly this year due to the unfavourable snow and temperature conditions, and that they are under threat of disappearing.

Triglav Glacier mission ends with 16,000 trees

Pokljuka – A project as part of which a fraction of a glacier from Slovenia travelled to the Beijing Winter Olympics has ended as 16,000 trees have been planted in Slovenia this year to offset the CO2 emissions generated during the 13,000-kilometre journey from Mojstrana in the Julian Alps to the Chinese capital for the 2022 Olympics.