How to Understand France’s ‘Bad Cop’ Role in the Balkans

Fourth, Paris took the opportunity at the summit to publish a new national strategy for the Western Balkan region, acknowledging a retreat and a lack of interest over the last decade after strong involvement in the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s with NATO's Kosovo force KFOR in particular.

Greece flies first fighter jet over North Macedonia

Greece on Tuesday conducted its first fighter jet flight over North Macedonia, in a mission that was carried out by an F-16 from the Hellenic Tactical Air Force's 110 Combat Wing, based in Larissa.

The purpose of the mission was to locate any radar blank sectors and to test the compatibility of reconnaissance systems.

Greeks start patrolling sky over North Macedonia

North Macedonia-based Plus Info website is reporting on Tuesday that the goal of the flyovers was to check the communication and radar coverage of the North Macedonia airspace.

This serves to prepare and fulfill the conditions of North Macedonia's future full-fledged membership in NATO and its "collective security system," the North Macedonia Ministry of Defense has announced.

Greece-North Macedonia Commission ‘Won’t Rewrite History’

Viktor Gaber, the diplomat and head of North Macedonia's team in the joint commission with Greece, has told BIRN that the commission of historians, archaeologists, sociologists and political science experts has already laid the grounds for its future work that will involve revising history books in both countries.