Weather forecast to worsen

The weather is likely to worsen on Thursday due to the area of low pressure across the country.

According to the Meteo weather service, heavy rains and storms will initially occur in the Ionian Islands and the western mainland Greece, which will be accompanied by lightning and hail.

There will be local rainfall in other parts of the country.

Bulgarian MEP: The Statement of North Macedonia’s President repeats the Hateful Rhetoric against Bulgaria

"The statement of the Macedonian president repeats the theses of the RNM for many years, that it is an insult against the Macedonian identity and the Macedonian people, if you say things that are related to the objective reading of history - for example, if you say that Gotse Delchev is a Bulgarian, born in Bulgaria family.

North Macedonia’s President: Ban One MEP and Several other Bulgarians from Entering the Country

North Macedonia's President Stevo Pendarovski proposed to the government, according to the law on foreigners, "that one MEP from Bulgaria and several other persons from Bulgaria be banned from entering the country, because of their previous and ongoing actions against" North Macedonia.

Bulgaria’s MFA summons the Macedonian Ambassador because of the Beating of a Bulgarian in Ohrid

The ambassador of the Republic of North Macedonia in Bulgaria will be summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be handed a protest note in connection with a serious criminal act committed against a citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia with a Bulgarian identity and secretary of the "Tsar Boris III" organization in the city of Ohrid, announced the Bulgarian fore