Market liquidity

Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce: Year 2020 Strongly Charged with Pessimism

For many people within the last decade 2020 has been the year strongly charged with pessimism, shows a survey of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce (BCC) on the attitudes and assessments of the business community in the current year and the expectations for the next one.

Cash abundance for economy

The Greek credit sector has received a cheap liquidity boost this year of 40 billion euros from the European Central Bank that has flooded the market with cash aimed at supporting enterprises and households in the face of the pandemic.

Economic crisis experience key in battling Covid fallout, says EBRD official

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) stands ready to participate in bond issues and other investment initiatives by local business groups in Greece, with its total investment, after the implementation of initiatives in response to the coronavirus crisis, expected to exceed 4 billion euros.

United Group is ready to buy Forthnet loans, but sets terms

The signing of the sale contracts for 350 million euros of Forthnet's loans from the creditor banks to United Group appears to be just a matter of days, banking sources tell Kathimerini.
This is also confirmed by sources at British equity fund BC Partners, which is United's parent group.