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Minister: Drone incident "caused by Albanian citizen"

Minister: Drone incident "caused by Albanian citizen"

BELGRADE -- Serbian Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović said late on Monday that the football stadium drone incident on Oct. 14 was caused by "an Albanian citizen."

The incident happened in Belgrade during a Serbia vs. Albania UEFA qualifier, and the drone carried a map showing "Greater Albania".

Rama takes part in roundtable on Albania-Serbia cooperation

BELGRADE - The Belgrade-based NGO Forum for Ethnic Relations organized a roundtable on Serbia-Albania cooperation on Monday evening, with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama as a guest.

Dusan Janjic, director of the Forum for Ethnic Relations, said during the discussion that "the ghosts of the past should not trip the living up on their road to the future."

Vucic: Meeting with Rama was not easy at all

BELGRADE - Serbia's Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said on Monday the one-on-one meeting with his Albanian counterpart Edi Rama had lasted longer than planned and had not been easy at all, but that he believed that problems the two sides shared could be solved.

Speaking at a news conference in Belgrade, Vucic thanked Rama for accepting his invitation and visiting Serbia.