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2,000-year-old altar found near northwestern Çanakkale

A 2,000-year-old altar has been unearthed in northwestern Turkey near the town of Ezine in Çanakkale province, archeologists said on Oct. 9.

A hall with a podium, temple, odium, and bathhouse were among the remains that have survived to the present day in the ancient city of Alexandria Troas, an area near the Aegean Sea.

Tourism – Southern Aegean is “key” to success story

The South Aegean seems to occupy the largest share in the success story of Greece in Tourism in 2021, despite the unfavorable environment formed by the pandemic, since, before the end of August, the traffic from the direct international flights at the airports of Cyclades and Dodecanese exceeds by more than 500,000 arrivals for the entire 2020 tourist season, according to the South Aegean Touri

Columns of 2,300-year-old temple to be restored

A restoration and repair work has been launched to strengthen the three columns with a length of 20 meters in the Temple of Apollo, located in Turkey's Aegean province of Aydın's Didim district.

The excavation and restoration work around the historical marvel, which is shown as one of the best-preserved temples in Anatolia, was suspended for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.